Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Over the last forty years there has been significant advancement in our knowledge of the pathophysiology and therapy for trauma. Psychological trauma, once thought to mainly be just a risk factor for mental health disorders, is now known to not only cause maladaptive neurological responses but also constant elevated states of stress hormones as well as increased risks for cardiovascular and other physical disease processes. One way to visualize what is happening when someone develops a maladaptive traumatic response is the normal fight or flight and peaceful resting states have switched wires. More recently, physicians world-wide are learning due to the complexity of this disease process, medications are not a cure; at best medications are a bridge to the pathway of healing. The more effective approach in healing from trauma is a multi-modality combination of EMDR therapy/training, yoga, play, and other activities that are re-teaching one’s nervous system to trust their surroundings, trust their own body, as well as calm a constantly hyperactive state of being. Specifically in regards to the benefits of yoga for victims and survivors of trauma, it has been rigorously studied and proven.

We have partnered with a local certified nurse midwife/women’s health nurse practitioner who is also a yoga expert to provide trauma sensitive yoga classes. Feel free, no matter if you are a patient of ours or not, to watch and/or utilize her yoga class right here on our site.


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