Making Healthcare accessible on the path to Freedom

Our Mission is to provide comprehensive direct primary care to victims and survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence.

Why is this important?

Healthcare for Justice was formed in order to provide free of charge trauma informed direct primary care medicine to victims and survivors of both Human Trafficking (HT) and Domestic Violence (DV). This particular patient population has sustained such severe forms of psychological and physical traumas that they now face many barriers to successfully rehabilitate to a life of freedom. One of those barriers is finding trauma informed and compassionate primary healthcare, particularly as many victims of HT/DV are not easily identified as such and instead usually seen as only being drug seekers, prostitutes, and/or illegal immigrants and this stigma often prevents them from seeking needed healthcare. Additionally, lack of transportation, fear of being re-trafficked or traumatized, and language/cultural barriers usually prevent this patient population from seeking out healthcare. Without healthcare, many victims stay in captivity or in their setting of trauma due to addiction (usually not caused by their own choices), psychological captivity, or inability to afford needed care on their own. Therefore, by providing free of charge comprehensive primary care in a model of meeting the patient where they are comfortable and helping them with the cost of needed medications and therapies, this reduces a very large barrier for them to seek out freedom.

What is trauma informed care?

Trauma-informed care is a service (healthcare, counseling, etc) that is provided with the understanding that people who have undergone physical and/or psychological trauma will have barriers to seeking, obtaining, and consenting to care given what has occurred to them, and thus the care is provided in a patient-led and centered approach in order to help them overcome these barriers.

What is direct primary care?

One of the founders of HFJ began working with this patient population on a volunteer basis providing primary medical care in 2015. In the four years prior to formation of HFJ, most of the volunteer work was coordinating and providing medical care for patients in his primary care office, but one barrier to patients coming to be seen was transportation, both because they would not have it on their own and because if a social worker can give them a ride, the patient will ultimately decide not to attend the visit because the idea of traveling to an unknown place can be re-traumatizing to them given how they were trafficked in the first place. Aside from this barrier, the timing was right as the patient volume increased as well as the recent formation of a local Family Justice Center where multiple governmental and non-governmental organizations providing various aftercare services to the HT/DV population (social work, case management, legal aid, etc) meet in one place to provide these services and collaborate. Thus we saw the need as well as the opportunity to be able to provide free healthcare in a direct primary care model to best serve this patient population.


Direct primary care is a model of care currently reserved for those with money. It is something people usually pay for out of pocket on top of their medical insurance in order to have unlimited access to their primary physician with a monthly or annual retainer fee. While this leads to more comprehensive and thorough healthcare visits and thus better patient outcomes and reduced rates of hospitalization/ER visits, it has historically been criticized as medicine for the rich and healthy. We provide this type of direct medical care free of charge to those that not only can’t afford it, but need it most! The care will be provided either at a patient’s home, at a location of comfort for the patient (such as a trusted case worker’s office) or at our medical office intending to provide free whole-person centered care.

What is Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery– a multi-billion dollar criminal  industry that denies freedom to 20.9 million people around the world including the United States. All trafficking victims share one essential experience–their loss of freedom.*

*Source: Polaris Project

24-Hour Domestic Violence & Human Trafficking Line:


Our Services

We care about the whole health of the patient and work with local agencies to coordinate care on multiple fronts. We provide full spectrum healthcare for all ages.

Primary Care

Broad spectrum primary care for victims/survivors and their immediate family members.

Psychiatric Care

We are able to provide comprehensive mental and psychiatric health care.

Case Management

Working with the Family Justice Center of Ventura County we can help coordinate personalized care.

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Making Healthcare accessible

on the path to Freedom

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