Spring 2021 Update

Hello friends,

When I attended medical school in Boston, there was always one day that truly felt like the first day of spring, and it wasn’t what the calendar told us. Winters in the Northeast can be cold and long, but there was always one day when the sun was up a little earlier, the temperature was just a few degrees warmer, and the previously silent morning commute was suddenly alive with the vibrant and cheerful chatter of fellow passengers on the T (the public bus and subway system in Boston). Those early days of spring would bring with them a feeling of hope, new beginnings, and, well, everything the season typically represents. For me that is the true first day of spring and it is in that spirit I write to you today to share what HFJ has much to be hopeful and cheerful about:

  1. We have grown! In the last 3 months we have provided services to two new survivors!
  2. Our clinic is now part of the HEAL HT Clinic Subcommittee. Here, with six other clinics across the nation that also provide medical care to victims and survivors of human trafficking, we work together to share and promote best practices for this patient population.
  3. Our virtual gala fundraiser that took place last month was a success thanks to you!

For those of you who were not able to join us for our virtual gala, we do want to invite you to join us for the tour of our clinic. You can do so by watching the video below or check it out on our website at https://hfjvc.org/tour. Gina D’Aquilla, a HFJ board member and one of Ventura County’s Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners, and I are excited to show you our clinic space and discuss the amazing services available at the Family Justice Center where our office is located. With all of that, Happy Springtime!


Dr. Walls (aka Anthony)
Medical Director of Healthcare for Justice