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We are excited to get to partner with 805 Masks to make a special embroidered mask with the HFJ website address on it, and they will donate 50% of all sales of these masks to HFJ!

805 Masks has been in the decorative mask business since well before our current pandemic, but once it hit they quickly added cloth face masks to their production line and have been a vital support to our local healthcare industry. They have not only made high quality cloth masks for the public to buy but have also donated hundreds of masks to our local hospitals and frontline healthcare workers when personal protective equipment was in short supply.

HFJ Masks
HFJ Mask

Dive into the latest research on masks

For those of you living in CA, this may be a good time to get one or two reusable and washable face masks given the new state-wide ordinance. Also, if you are unsure about the most recent evidence about widespread public face mask use, feel free to take a deep dive into our summary of the most current research.


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