I’ve heard from many people about the new year not being so happy. And if I’m being honest, heading into 2022 has not been uneventful. Locally and globally, we are still in a pandemic with another surge of SARS-CoV-2. There’s political and military unrest on borders of various nations. Economically many are seeing the effects of global inflation on their day to day lives and wondering what all this means for the future. Honestly, I don’t believe anyone can say they know. But despite all of that, I am so pleased to wish you a happy new year. Because for some, particularly our patients at Healthcare for Justice, 2022 has already been a time for them to start a new chapter of their life! A chapter that involves hope and healing.In this update you’ll find some information on how your partnership has enabled survivors of trauma to start their new chapters. And speaking of new chapters, we’ve got some for you to read too! Below you’ll find our review of a book written by a survivor that we feel is important and well worth the read. So, with that said, Happy New Year!

– Anthony Walls, MD


  • Two patients have started trauma sensitive therapy services they did not have access to prior.
  • Two new patients were referred to our clinic and we were able to help them access care they otherwise would not have had.
  • We’ve been able to continue to provide healthcare to all our patients, both in person and telehealth (per patient’s choice) during the recent omicron variant surge.


  1. Increase awareness by spreading the word to others and seeking ways to advocate for victims and survivors
  2. We are always accepting certain medical supplies, if you have any to donate contact us directly at contact@hfjvc.org
  3. If you are a licensed healthcare or mental health professional and want to volunteer your time and skills, contact us directly at contact@hfjvc.org
  4. Partner with us financially to help our patients be able to start a new chapter in their life

Girls Like US


The book “Girls Like Us” by Rachel Lloyd is a great place to start for those of us wanting to understand more about the world of commercial sex trafficking and how it works here in the US especially. Rachel herself is a survivor of commercial sexual exploitation who founded Girls Educational and Mentoring Services (GEMS) in New York City, a non-profit organization with the vision to end the commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking of children and young women by providing a place for support and a place to create positive change in their lives (for more on their mission and other details check out their website, gems-girls.org).

Throughout her book Rachel provides a compassionate narrative that illustrates how and why youth are targeted and discusses the many aspects of commercial sexual exploitation that make it so difficult to escape from. Along the way she weaves her own story and experiences into the book which only serves to deepen the impact of the valuable knowledge that the reader will find here. After all, we cannot hope to create positive change in this arena if we don’t first understand how and why this particular evil is prevalent in our systems and society.

– Emily Walls, FNP-BC


As always, thank you for continuing to follow and partner with us. Together we are a community that is working to address a systemic ill head-on at the individual level. Thank you and until the spring may 2022 bring you hope as it has for us.