Summer Update / July 2022

This quarterly update we are excited to talk about something other than ourselves. The reality is that Healthcare for Justice would not be able to do its work if it wasn’t for many of the other partner agencies in Ventura county with a like minded mission. Many, if not all of them, share space with us at the Family Justice Center where we together attempt to provide comprehensive care to victims and survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence.

Therefore, for this update we are so excited to highlight Interface Children and Family Services. Interface has been in operation since 1973. Since its inception it has grown to be a very comprehensive non-profit social service agency for many vulnerable populations in our local community. It truly is part of the safety net in our county that involves multiple non-governmental and governmental organizations working together. Interface itself has thirty different programs that individually and collaboratively provide treatment for mental health and trauma as well as services aimed at both prevention and intervention for domestic violence, child abuse, youth crisis, youth homelessness, and human trafficking. Interface runs Ventura County’s 2-1-1 services and a 24-hour human trafficking hotline.



In regards to HFJ, Interface is on the frontline. Most of our patients are referred to us by Interface’s amazing human trafficking (HT) case managers. Their HT team helps to coordinate appointments, lab tests, and diagnostics if needed. Even more impressive is that Interface helps provide safe housing for many of the HT victims and survivors who otherwise would not have it. Interface has provided emergency shelter, crisis counseling, mental health treatment, advocacy and linkage to other providers/agencies for 205 survivors of human trafficking since 2017; many of whom were referred to HFJ for medical treatment they had been denied access to through the course of their victimization. The honest truth is if it wasn’t for Interface, HFJ would still be a dream. The necessary and amazing support they provide to our patients is the reason we are able to meet with and help them.


  • Many have continued to access and received healthcare through us they weren’t able to receive otherwise.
  • Our medical director has been consulting for local physicians (both outpatient and inpatient) to help care for their own patients they have discovered are survivors of HT.



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  3. If you are a licensed healthcare or mental health professional and want to volunteer your time and skills, contact us directly at



If there is anything we have learned over the past three years (we can’t believe it’s already been three years either) it is that you don’t have to be an official organization to make a huge difference. Aside from our local NGO partners here in Ventura County, we also function because of our individual subscribers who support us through thoughts, prayer, and donations. Thank you and we hope you are well!